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V/A - O/P


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Mélodies Souterraines bring their distinctly dark gaze to the serious-yet-lighthearted intersections of downtempo, synth-pop, IDM, electro and beyond, all with a romantic touch. Nine electronic side-long glances from around the world, including but not limited to: overlooked Latvian project Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe; a 2015 spoken-word piece by Australian damaged-dub freaks Andy Rantzen & David Sudmalis; an electric guitar-orgy from Science Patrol (a Zru Vogue connection); and contemporary french act Pascal De Nuit.

"To love I dedicated time. A time that will never get old, a time that will never get lost. Lights of heart turned red. A color which defined the immersion into that warm body. An emotional artifice caught your skin. Now dilating your pupils... Eyes are shining, sky's burning. To time I dedicated patience. A patience that will ever be walk, a walk that will ever follow your soul."