Andrés Saenz De Sicilia ‎– 21-9-18

Andrés Saenz De Sicilia ‎– 21-9-18


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"How from soil comes stone and the sky vice versa, and how all people are free; emerged from a single hole in the eastern desert of Egypt” is one of the beautifully opening lines written by Adam Green (editor of The Public Domain Review) in collaboration of Andres Seanz de Sicilia’s (1/3 of Pataphysical) sonic performance of 21-9-18. The 28 minute piece was performed in the car garage of London label, Villa Lontana in September 2018.

A 2000 year old Roman necropolis was recently discovered below the Villa Lontana. Green writes, "in all forms, the angle of incidents is equal to that of reflection." Using the forces of the above and below, Saenz de Sicilla mirrors time, density and weight by surrounding the garage with a multi channel quadrophonic sound system. 

Green writes, "all forms whether scaled to glacier or grain are equal velocity and attritional rise." Each piece journeys to the depths and heights of reflected frequencies within the space. Low drones, lush orbiting chimes, and shimmering surges ascend and descend awakening and creating atmospheric worlds unknown.