Ambienti Coassiali - Dream Rooms LP / CS

Ambienti Coassiali - Dream Rooms LP / CS


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Ambienti Coassiali return to the patient yearning of dedicated listeners, offering a new suite of REM architecture. The Milanese duo found contemporary resonance with the holistic reprise of Vol. 1, an enigmatic and enfolding DX7 description of introspective interiors excavated by Incidental Music in 2018 (and an early Commend MoM highlight).

Thirty years on, they demonstrate dedication to free-form melodic environs, encouraging roaming listener experiences through gently unspooling sound swirls. These Dream Rooms are shaped with an early 1970s EKO Ranger guitar looping limitlessly over the horizon. Across two sides the immersion delves deep, with misted tides slowly layering over one another until an ocean is revealed, spectacularly. Presented by Berlin's 99Chants.