Accou - ils sontaient là by

Accou - ils sontaient là by


"heavy blankets as it slides in and out of focus entraining brainwaves on countless shifting rhythms that alter breathing patterns and heart rates while modulating disconnected mental images

no need to ask what for, that doesn't matter

sound floated thru vibrated media swerves molecules into particular flows like tiny synchronized swimmers with bodies split between air and water moving in tandem with and against chlorinated waves that surround skin flaking away when dry as a tongue without water"

Accou (previously spotted on Belgium's JJ Funhouse) reaches deeeeep into the ether on ils sontaient là by for Nonlocal Research, a near two hour meditation of patchwork synth brilliance and fractal drones.

Lightly drifting across both faces, ils sontaient là by feels like an endless flow of airy sketches; a perpetual river of ethereal transcriptions. Fading in and out of consciousness, Accou sculpts an iridescent dreamscape similar to the more recent transmissions of Ahnnu or the various noodlings of Polonius. Absolutely mesmerizing stuff!