Wed. Apr. 03, 7-9pm

Join us in celebration of UCC Harlo (aka Annie Garlid)’s “United” album at Commend on Wednesday, April 3rd; with live performances from Garlid and Jon Heilbron to commemorate and copies of “United” available for purchase.

In “United,” her debut LP as UCC Harlo, classically-trained musician Annie Garlid distills hauntological pop, sound art, medieval and baroque music, and left-field club production into a series of ecclesiastical-wave ventures. Written over six years in Germany, United began during Garlid’s stint as a violist in an opera orchestra near Cologne and developed further during her time in Berlin. Through gestures such as reframing music by Bach and Magister Zacharias through DAW experimentation and field recordings, United proposes sonic reconciliations between the old and the new.

Garlid operates equally in the realms of experimental, club, and early music. She is a member of the Holly Herndon Ensemble and the band Songs, has collaborated with Caterina Barbieri, Klein, Bill Kouligas, and Emptyset, and has performed with ASMR artist Claire Tolan. She works regularly with an array of composers and artists, and performs as a viola player and singer in both Europe and the USA.

Australian musician and composer Jon Heilbron composes music for combinations of two or more portable chord organs. In these compositions, the sound of layered organs diffused throughout the performance space creates unique psychoacoustic events. Through the use of beatings and microtonal tunings, these works constantly fluctuate on the perceptual border separating musical texture and raw sonic matter. He will play material from his recent album Pieces for Chord Organs, released in January by Intonema Records.