Steph Kretowicz: “Somewhere I’ve Never Been” audio-visual book screening

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Tue. Aug. 21, 7-9pm

Can you tell a story of a place in the same fracturing way it was experienced?

Author Steph Kretowicz presents the audio-visual version of “Somewhere I’ve Never Been”, produced in collaboration with artist and sound designer Kimmo Modig and AQNB.

“Somewhere I’ve Never Been” is a selection of research-based creative essays pulling together audio and field recordings exploring global soundscapes as an expression of heavily mediated, networked mobile environments. The collected material comes together in an experiment in distributed storytelling carried out across a print publication, a series of sound pieces and live performances, interactive and video works, inspired by the experience of traveling through the US, European and Middle East locations between 2012 to 2015.