Bit Tones, Sonic Moods, and Gradient Rifts/Arcane Coffee w EDG4R

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Thu. Feb. 02, 7:00-9:00pm

“Bit Tones, Sonic Moods, and Gradient Rifts” is a package put together by LA-based graphic designer Ezequiel Olvera, containing a zine by Claudia Fibonacci (aka Ezequiel Olvera), a mix CD by Jamma-Dee and a print-out of Moore’s timeline. We are proud to present copies to NYC in combined celebration with Arcane’s coffee adventure. They’ve taken great taste to new heights by adding beans to their collection of sought-after offerings. Celebrate this delicious expansion with a DJ set from boss EDG4R and coffee (and records) available for purchase.

Join us in a coast-to-coast toast on Thursday, Feb. 2nd from 7-9pm.

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Arcane, Jamma-Dee, EDG4R: