Commend Here 002

Miho Hatori & Dave Harrington – Mondialité

The second Commend Here edition captures Miho Hatori and Dave Harrington’s collaboration at Commend on December 1, 2017. Called Mondialité, this improv performance is part of Hatori’s ongoing elaboration on philosopher Edouard Glissant’s theory of “globality,” an alternate form of global connection. The December 1 performance of Mondialité lends outernational sonics to theory, a driving downtempo set worked out through Hatori’s production and entrancing vocals, and draped with Harrington’s dreamy guitar work. From the anticipatory chatter in the room a stomping percussion-line drives the piece in a dynamic exploration of sound and speech, Hatori’s voice calling out from an earthly landscape brimming with chirps, warbles and other signs of life. The story ends with a whistle of noise, as if the entire piece is blown away with a strong wind. Edition of 35 hand-numbered cassettes available exclusively from Commend.