Commend Here 001

Félicia & Christina — Folded Galaxy

The first Commend Here edition is a collaboration between Félicia Atkinson and Christina Vantzou called Folded Galaxy. The cumulation and culmination of sonic ideas exchanged over the course of a few months, and experiences shared over many years of friendship, the body of the project, is drawn from their live collaboration at our space on November 8, 2017. Félicia and Christina’s exchange of energy in a performance setting is at once intimate and soaring, minuscule and vast. Glances passed between them are separated with stretches of tacit communication—Félicia’s tinkering within her small garden of stones, housed in a wooden box and fitted with a contact mic—triggers rich passages of sound generated by Christina’s modular manipulations—and so on. Following, to complete the A side, a fold in time—a merging of material passed between the collaborators remotely before the performance. For the B side we travel beyond the fold, where everything is reversed, until we reach the beginning again. Infinity in a moment. A galaxy in a small room.