Sugai Ken ‎– Tone River

Sugai Ken ‎– Tone River


Few artists of this past decade have developed as singular of a sound as Sugai Ken. An aggregator of uncanny terroir and motifs, Ken's work summons these ideas through field studies, organic music, 'sound design', and everything in between. His accelerated translations (and mutations) of the Earth's language are captivating in both their peerlessness and complete bewilderness. 

Tone River, his latest offering, was commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo with the intent of examining the relationship between Japan and the Netherlands with regard to water management. Appropriately, Ken approached the river that dons the same name to conjure the hidden music found within this space where water comes together with other water, where the river meets the ocean.

Gathered using traditional field recording technology and underwater microphones, Ken manipulates this organic material into something surreal. Akin to the documentary style of Lieven Martens and Ediçoes CN, Ken's latest episode is sure to enthrall.

Field Records · Field 30 - SUGAI KEN - Tone River [1LP]