In 1973, Roberto Campadello was approached to conjure a sound installation for the XII Biennalle of Sao Paolo, investigating the properties of gilded glass through portraiture. The hallucinatory compositions that a created from that overlay of human faces became the catalyst for his lone offering as Persona, Som.

With each track title inspired by different I Ching elements - Hill, Sky, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lake, Lightning - Campadello crafts impressions of each element through abstracted field recordings and fragmented samba, thus resulting in a unique alchemy considering that it was made at the height of the emergence of Brazilian psychedelia. Echoes of Jocy de Oliveira's monumental Estórias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos, or simply the liminal spaces in between the notes of Os Mutantes or Caetano Veloso can be found, but Som is a genre unto itself.