Magizter - Das Kapital at Ráday Klub Remixed

Magizter - Das Kapital at Ráday Klub Remixed


Time and time again, the journey music has to take from concept to realization to distribution is arduous, rife with conflict, dangerous even. This remix 12" falls into that category. Some of the members had to flee their native Hungary to seek asylum in Sweden. Two of the members who managed to escape the Soviet communist regime worked together in 1993, with material off a live cassette they had managed to save from 1986, to put together the track "Das Kapital." More details of the story are on the label's Bandcamp listing and can be found below.

"The group Magizter formed in Malmö, Sweden in the early 90s, and mainly consisted of former members of the Hungarian industrial band Das Kapital, of which some managed to flee to Sweden from the communist regime before the fall of the Soviet Union.

Gyula Szilagyi, who was the first to make his escape via train through Berlin in 1987, recalls: “it was a few weeks before mandatory military service would begin, and our passports should have been turned over to the authorities”. Risking deportation and prison, he was granted asylum in Sweden after some months in Stockholm.

Szilagyi and the rest of the band were all part of the underground scene in Budapest, of which some had been under surveillance by the secret police since their teens. It was a tight knit community where anti-communist and illegal literature was distributed, and many bands shared mutual members.

The track “Das Kapital” was produced in Malmö in 1993 by Szilagyi and fellow Magizter member Zoltan Lengyel, in a home studio overlooking the Möllevång Square, were Szilagyi had moved after some years working at the glass factory in Orrefors. He had managed to save a few performances by Das Kapital recorded on cassette, of which one served as sample material for the Magizter track; an homage of sorts to a group involuntarily disbanded.

The cassette sampled here was recorded in 1986 during a live concert at the university-affiliated venue Ráday Klub, where Das Kapital performed alongside the British industrial act Left Hand Right Hand (who had formed from the Sheffield band Zahgurim)." (Text from Bandcamp)