Germán Bringas - Tunel Hacia Tí

Germán Bringas - Tunel Hacia Tí


16 unheard works by Germán Bringas. Entirely recorded by Bringas himself in his home of Portales, Mexico City, these works bring an education to this intimately influential synesthete. 

He found freedom after attending the Conservatorio Nacional de Música to learn composition and piano, a place restrictive and conservative in approach - something that did no resonate with this free spirit. A guest lecture by author Carlos Castañeda inspired he and his friends to explore beyond the formality taught in the school. 

Still active in the scene, he is still operating his home / venue Jazzorca, and is known for making drums out of propane tanks, as well as releasing and running his own experimental music label Jazzorca Records.

This 2xLP edition comes with a photo booklet and an iridescent orca whale sticker.